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I am excited to announce the launch of Pragital: a niche firm to enable all things digital.


Why start yet another company?

Pragital Solutions Plenary LLP is a digital firm that specialises in development for web applications, apps, Salesforce & other CRM implementation, and consulting.

There is no dearth of companies that offer similar services across the globe. We are the same, but different.

  • Client partnered.
    We partner with clients to perform magic.
  • ‘Enlightened technology’ as a core focus.
    Use modern technology to build easy-to-understand applications, and empower users to find solutions on their own. We use technology at every step to achieve nirvana.
  • Cohesive unit.
    Inspired by Dunbar’s number, we will create a tribe that is closely knit and inspired about our products and services.


Our Services

Enabling ideas and driving them from concept to cash is our strong area.

I have close to two decades of CRM experience, and have been associated with more than few web applications as side projects. A team with similar interests and a burning desire to change the world can work wonders, and this is being tested again through the niche firm we put together.

I have no doubts that our combined experience will shine bright in CRM technology consulting, web app development, and delivery. Enabling next generation technologists by partnering with local and global firms is our way of giving back to the society.


Our Customers

I am creating this ground up for everyone large enterprises to small businesses. History has shown that these have distinct market needs, but I strongly believe in the continued digital revolution that is going to make any gaps irrelevant.


Why the [crazy | fantastic] name?

Well, that is a longer story than what a single website can handle. Care for coffee one of these days?


What next?

Follow us on our exciting journey on Twitter | LinkedIn.

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