We build great technology solutions.

Holistic product & service solutions that focus on customer delight - from start-up MSPs to niche business needs for large enterprises.

Startup MVP development

Technology done right.

Develop MVP
Bring your idea to the world - concept to production.

App Dev
Create products that change the world.

Enable CRM
Design CX on custom / COTS products.

Advise on tech products, platforms & people.

At Pragital, we are in love with tech. But, we speak your language to create solutions that work for you. We take great pride in partnering with today's businesses to solve their problems with unparalleled efficiency & focus on end-customers & business processes.

We are a "small-by-choice" shop focused on providing solutions through innovative practices & products rather than just throwing more people at the problem.

We keep things simple, efficient and fast.

Why Trust Pragital?

We take great pride in our customer focus - be it start-ups, businesses and individuals using our SaaS products, SMBs or large enterprises.

We are led by folks with two decades of experience in enteprise IT. We take a far-reaching view of our work and strive to maximise positive impact to your business.

  • Our story is backed by numerous products and success stories
  • Customer centricity in our products, services and philosophy
  • Fair pricing based on business value
  • Recommended by clients (just ask for references)
  • Fair work ethic

Our Services

Have an application that you want to develop or enhance? Are you looking to streamline your application to maximise benefits? Talk to us!

We have strong expertise in cloud-based applications, CRM implementation on multiple commercial products, and program & project management. We strongly believe in Agile-based delivery to maximise transparency.

Technology services
Web Development

Develop cloud applications on JS, .NET, Go & more.


Implement Salesforce.com based applications.


Design & develop CRM systems on multitude of commercial apps.

Websites & CMS

Create CMS & static sites on Wordpress, Hugo, 11ty, Gridsome...

Project Management

Manage programs and projects for local/global teams.

Consulting Services

Advise on technology, platforms and people.

Featured Projects

We take pride in being fully invested in our client projects. By seeing our relationship as a partnership based on value, we collaboratively work with customer business and technology teams to level-up project value.

Here are a few of our featured projects.

Smart water metering system

Create a water meter management, reporting and billing system that is deployed for residential and commercial complexes, industries and water boards.

The system collects usage, supports monitoring alerts, help plugs leakage and bills customers based on fair-use. Salient features include -`

  • Support self-registration or bulk customer record creation
  • Monitor usage at pre-defined "gates" and compare usage against total consumption to identify leakage
  • Usage alerts
  • Role-based privileges for multiple levels of administrators
  • Support fixed and metered charges for different defined customer criteria
  • Aggregation and billing by meters, householder, groups and sectors
  • Bundled mobile app
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Website for marketing client services

Fast performing website that provides an overview of services targeted at individuals and businesses.

  • Site hosted on world-class infrastructure
  • Migrated from an older platform with cost savings of >30k/year
  • Improved website performance by ~20% on average
  • Packaged with SEO best practices
  • No maintenance requirements. Content completely managed by business owners
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Meter Test bench platform

Enable a test bench for meters to speed up and standardize final validation.

  • Collect test statistics using BLE. Display test results in real-time across multipe devices
  • Standardize testing process for distinct load-test requirements
  • Generate QR code for sampled devices
  • Track testing effectiveness of test bench and testers across locations in real-time
  • Improved testing efficiency by more than 75%
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Our Products

We create products that change the world.

We have worked with industry experts and innovators on the field to identify niche business problems, and create products to provide a complete solution. Our focus in creating products is to provide an excellent user experience and unparalleled business value. Get in touch if you are looking for a technology partner to bring your ideas to life.

A few of our featured products are below.


A web-based solution for auto insurance surveyors in India. Manage claims & generate survey reports.


A mail-merge online service to generate documents from pre-defined templates and data. Get started for free.


Minimally opinionated, node-based web-server based on Fastify. Prepackaged to focus on performance & security.

Our Clients

We work with small and large enterprises, entrepreneurs and individuals as part of services or products. Everyone of them have enriched our experience over the years.

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We are local to Bangalore, India, and are just a hop, skip and jump from any place on planet earth.

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